Hi everyone! My name is Madison, and I am a sophomore in high school. I currently live in New York City, and I love it here! There are so many great things to do here, and (for the most part) the people here are kind and welcoming. I was born and raised in New York. I have lived here for all fourteen years of my life.
Except one year, where my family and I moved to Italy. I was in seventh grade then, about twelve years old. We traveled all over that year, eleven countries in all! We did go to school there, and even though it was not the best experience there, we made lots of new friends from all over. We lived there for one year, and we moved back to NYC after that. This summer, we are going back to Europe and traveling all over! To some new countries as well.
So, since this is an autobiography, I will write some things about me here.
For one thing, I play piano. I also enjoy debate, and I am part of my school’s Model UN team. I also enjoy running track; I am a sprinter. I used to dance ballet, for nine years.
My favorite subject in school is probably science.
As to what I want to be when I grow up, I’m not sure yet. Maybe I will be someone in the medical field. But who knows.
Well, I hope this summer will be fun because next summer I will probably not be able to go on a long trip to Europe. I will have to do some sort of summer program or internship. I never went to summer camp like most of my friends.  Our family has always done road trips in Europe and we have learned so much from our travels.
So this summer we are blogging again and will find places to eat, places to go and things to do.  My sister, Morgan, and I are going to be planning some parts of our itinerary which will be challenging, but mostly fun.  Ok, well, I hope you enjoy the blog.  Feel free to send us suggestions on the places we are going to visit.

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