European Road Trip: Summer 2013

We are continuing our travel adventures from our last blog :

Madison, Morgan and Heather are off again for another European road trip.  This could be the last long adventure for this crew. SInce Madison is a Sophomore i high school now 😦 , she will have to work or intern or do a summer program next summer.  This will most likely be our last long adventure all together.  Now that the girls are older, 14 & 11, and have learned so much from their travels, they will be taking an active part in planning our itineraries. Could be scary!

Morgan may just want to eat her way through Europe, finding the best eats in every town we visit. Madison may just want to sleep her way.  Teenagers! Yes, there may be some sleep-in days, Madison, but we are here for adventure and learning!  So there may be some early morning wake up calls, so get your rest now.

We will be visiting some familiar places as well as new countries and cities we have yet to explore.  And even for the cities we have been too, we will discover new things as well.

Grandma Nutt will be joining us for a big chunk of the trip. We have a few friends joining us as well and we will visit our friends that we have made over the years in different parts. Aside from the history and culture of these different places, it is the friendships that we have made over the years that make our travels so special.

For me, I just hope I keep my sanity with 2 girls, Coco Fluff and Grandma Nutt in a plane, train and automobile.  And it is not Coco fluff and Grandma Nutt that I am worried about  😉 hint, hint

We depart on Friday, July 5th for Paris.  Our tentative itinerary is for Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Biarritz, Saint Jean De Luz, Madrid, Altea, Barcelona, Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence and ending up in Tuscany!  Certain dates are set, but as we love to do to add to the adventure, we leave certain things up in the air so that we can decide as we go.  I will say that we don’t have much planned 😦  yikes.  This is going to be a wing it, plan as you go, kind of trip.  That is great sometimes and can backfire at others, but that is what makes it exciting ( and nerve-racking!)

Be patient, we don’t have the layout of the blog figured out just yet, not surprising, but we will get there. Since we are planning as we go, any suggestions you want to throw our way, please do.

First 3 days:

July 6-7 Brussels

July 7-9 Amsterdam

Then back to Paris for a week.

Wishing you all a fun, happy, adventurous summer wherever you are  And being at home in New York can be just as adventurous as being anywhere else.  So find your adventure wherever you may be.


3 thoughts on “European Road Trip: Summer 2013

  1. So glad Grandma Nutt left the message about your blob! We will love following you on your adventures! Have Fun!!!!

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