Pickles and Pie, oh my!

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Blogging has not been my favorite thing to do this summer, it has felt like summer homework sometimes and I already have summer homework! However, I do enjoy writing about food and being a published food critic! (in Spain)

So today we left our family in Los Angeles and drove to Santa Barbara where one of the best TV shows takes place, Psych. It is one of Maddie and my favorite TV shows. It is hilarious and you can watch all of the seasons on Netflix, except from the current one.

So our ultimate goal is to get to San Francisco by Thursday, so we decided to stop in Cambria tonight.  But first, we stopped in Santa Barbara at Mac’s Fish & Chips on State Street.  We went there because we saw the Guy from Diners, Drive Inns & Dives went there.  We got steak and potato pie, fish and chips, chicken with curry, deep fried pickles ( they were super thick cut and just dreamy to eat)

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and chicken and chips.  They were so nice there and the food came out very fast.  The cooked it as soon as we ordered. The owner said that we ordered a ton , but Mom reassured him that we could handle it 😉

After Santa Barbara, we drove up the coast a little further to Cambria.  It is a cute town very close to Hearst Castle, which is where we are going to visit in the morning.  We are staying a place right by the ocean and we have a fireplace in our room!  That is a big change from a few weeks ago when we were sweating to death in the heat and mosquitos in Italy.  Now we have a fire on and are wearing sweaters!!!

In total, it was about a four hour drive from LA today.  When we arrived, we decided to take a walk through the town here in Cambria.  There was a cute pet store.  I miss Coco so much.  We walked around and saw a place that had chicken and dumplings on the menu and we had to go in because Mom makes the best chicken and dumplings, but we had to check 🙂  My vote is Mom still makes the best and hers has  soft carrots in it which I love 🙂

My Aunt and Uncle told us about a place called Linn’s and they said the Ollalieberry Pie was to die for and it was!!! Ollalieberries are a cross between raspberries and blackberries.  They are delicious!  Best fruit pie  I say!  And coincidentally, the Food Network voted them Best Slice of Anything, I think.

Ok bye for now.  Tomorrow we are going to some castle.  I din’t know they had castles in America???


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