Olallieberries in Cambria

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Hi everyone! Today we drove up from LA to Cambria, close to Hearst Castle. It’s cold up here! I can’t complain though, since we were burning up a couple of weeks ago and getting eaten by mosquitoes. We stopped in Santa Barbara and went to a place called Mac’s, which is famous for their fish and chips. They were featured on a show of Diners, Drive In’s and Dives. Mom got the fish and chips, and I got southern fried chicken and chips. Morgan got a meat pie 🙂 We went to the police station there, because one of our favorite shows, Psych, takes place there. It’s actually filmed in Canada, but the overhead and exterior shots of the police department are shot there. That show is hilarious!

So we drove along the scenic route 1 to get to Cambria. We walked around town and looked in a few cute home stores. We went to a place called Sow’s Ear, where we got comfort food like chicken dumpling soup (not as good as mom’s!) and pot roast, which was really yummy! After that we went to a famous dessert place called Linn’s, which has amazing pies! The olallieberry, which is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, is grown only in certain areas. It tastes so good! Morgan had the olallieberry pie, and I had Chocolate Raspberry Bavarian Cream Cake. It was delicious! We had our good share of food today. Tomorrow we are heading to Hearst Castle and Carmel. I really miss my Fluff 😦


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