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We spent 2 days in Fauglia, the village that we lived in for a year, 3 years ago. I wasn’t really happy to go because it brought back bad memories but  I am excited to be five days closer to returning home. Here , in Fauglia, it is impossibly hot every night and that leads to sleepless nights. We arrived and were greeted by Frida, our favorite Golden Lab and Coco’s best friend.  They remembered each other immediately and were very happy to see each other again. and then we went to  La Gattaiola for dinner .  It is our favorite place in town.  The owner, Francesco, even had our Christmas card posted up in the bar there.  It has been a favorite place to dinne with our friends and family when they visit for almost 8 years now. I had a bean salad.Mom got arugula pasta and Maddie got ragu   .

The next day we went swimming and went to go meet up with some friends in Livorno.   Then we went to La Greste  and they always  let me try a lot of cookies, and breads  before we buy them. Then we got some hot dogs in foccacia from Pizzi Cotto, a local pizza joint. I used to help the family that owned the place, fold the pizza boxes when we lived here.  This was bringing back a lot of memories.  Some good and some bad. I think everyone else had a much better time here than I did. I still get angry when I think about having to live here for a year and be subjected to that horrible school we went to.  Yuk! I am sorry, I am just not a country girl, I am a city girl. I don’t like the bugs and the no AC and the lizards and snakes and mosquitos! “ I’ll take Manhattan”  thank you very much. But mom loves it here and she was very happy to do her laundry on the line. I think that is one of her favorite parts about being in Tuscany.

Then the next day we had lunch with Catarina and Coco went swimming with Frida. Overall, the visit was great, but the heat and mosquitos were not fun!


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