Forte dei Marmi

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Ciao! We are now in Camaiore. We are visiting with some friends here. I probably have about 200 MILLION mosquito bites. Ugh not fun 😦

So, Forte dei Marmi is about 15 minutes from Camaiore. Two days ago we went there, and got some zoccolis (wooden shoes that are typical of the area). We also went to the beach there, which is full of people trying to sell things. Every five minutes someone would ask “Do you want massage?” or “Beautiful towels, look, molto bello.” We did get a few towels and Mom bargained with the seller. When at markets in Italy, usually you should bargain because they start the prices high. Mom is a great bargainer 🙂

Yesterday we went to the market and got our favorite pajamas and I got a cute dress too 😉 We went to Bocconcino, our favorite restaurant there. I had pizza Margherita, Morgan had mussels and calamari, Mom had pizza vegetariana, and we shared some bruschetta. We were in heaven! It was so yummy! I had chocolate cake for dessert (I know, not gelato, but I have had so much gelato I’m not sure I can have any more) and Morgan had cocomero (watermelon). We also went to this outlet shoe store called Paoli. You can get shoes that are super nice and well made for so little! A pair of suede boots that would sell for €400-500 in any other store might be €50-60 there. They have all kinds of shoes too! This was heaven for me 😉

Today we are going to go bike riding in Forte. We leave for Milan tomorrow, and the next day we go back to the US. 2 more days left of our European Road Trip 😦


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