Limone, Piemonte, Italia

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All of the photos here are from Limone, Piemonte

Ahh, a little crisp, cool, clean air in the mountains of Italy.  We had a 2 days drive through Spain and france and arrived in a little village in the mountains of Italy, Limone, Piemonte.

It is a ski town, but is just gorgeous here in the summer.  It is a great break from the heat of Spain.  I have been waiting for Italian food and now we can indulge in all of our favorites over the next 10 days.

Morgan was able to visit a friend of her’s from school in NYC, that lives here part of the year.  It was also a great break for Maddie and I.  She stayed at her apartment and played all afternoon.

Coco and I have had great morning hikes each day in the hills.  It is so cool that I have needed a jacket!  I love it!

Georgio went to visit some vineyards a little further north of here yesterday, in Barolo.

Our friends that live here recommended this adorable hotel, L’ Artisin, and it was just perfect.  The owner makes the best coffee in the mornings and has a little breakfast out. It is very quiet here, we were the only guests staying here, besides Georgio, the night before.  We watched the stars last night from our balcony that looks out over the mountains.  The best part is that it was only 50 Euro per night!

We will visit more friends in Tuscany and Liguria in the next few days and cannot wait to eat at some of our favorite restaurants in our old village that we lived in.

Maddie and I felt a little under the weather the last day or so, so we are taking it slow.  Trying to enjoy the moment 🙂


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