Ciao Limone!

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Buon pomeriggio! Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We have been very busy the last few days and have had sparse internet access; we are in Italy, finally, now after just being in Spain!

So, in Barcelona, we had an amazing time! We swam in the pool at our hotel, and practiced our synchronized swimming routine 😛 . Morgan got pretty high on the lifts we did! We also had crêpes and yummy buffet food every morning at the hotel. This hotel has my favorite buffet ever.

We went back to Park Güell, which was built by Gaudí. There is a famous sculpture of a lizard there, and a lot of mosaic walls and sculptures (Gaudí is known for his mosaic works). We went to a tapas place on the last night, but we ate mostly at the hotel. I had chicken nuggets (btw, way better than Mc D’s) almost every meal!

We also got to go to the Picasso museum, which had a LOT of his works. There was a whole exhibit on his self portraits! I didn’t see any famous paintings of his there, but it was cool to see how his styles changed as he grew older. Picasso and Georges Braque started the cubist movement in the 1900s (I learned that in school 😉 )

After three days in Barcelona, we said bye to Grandma Nutt and Kelly and they went back to the US. We continued to drive up into France that day. We were not too happy the hotel was not too clean and wasn’t very comfortable. The next day we drove to Italy, a long drive. Along the way we stopped in Aix en Provence, which was so beautiful. Morgs got some cute espadrilles there. We looked around the town, and kept going to Italy. We arrived last night in Limone, Piemonte, Italy.  It is in the mountains near the French border.  It is beautiful.  I finally had my pizza margherita, Italian style!

Today Morgan got to see her friend,  who goes to school with her in NYC and lives here part time and they are spending some time with each other now. Whew, a break from Morgan! Yipppeee!

Now I am resting in bed because I have not been feeling so well, so it is a nice break to not be on the road today.  More to come from Italy.  I am so happy to be here.  We will be visiting more friends in the next few days when we drive further south to Tuscany 🙂


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