Brilliant Barcelona!

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Hi everyone, for the past 3 days we have been in Barcelona. The first day when we got here it wasn’t very eventful because we drove 4 ½ hours from Altea and our room wasn’t ready, so they bought us lunch.  Mom has a chicken caesar salad, Grandma Nutt had farm chicken with guacamole and chips, Maddie and I each had chicken tenders with french fries and BBQ sauce ( so good that Maddie had them every day after!)  There was something like corn flakes in the chicken tender batter and it was all white meat chicken breast.  JUICY!  ALso, for an appetizer, we got Marina’s nachos which were guacamole with crab meat and chips sticking out of it and cheese drizzled over the chips.  Every day that we went to the pool, I had those nachos!  They were so good.  That night, mom went out to eat with Kelly and our friend Georgio who arrived in Barcelona when we did.

The next day we had the breakfast buffet which is the best in the world.  They have amazing crepes there and really good tea.  We are staying at the Hotel Arts, in Barcelona and it is one of our favorite hotels.  They have an amazing pool and it is near the beach and the food is really good here.  We also went to the Picasso museum for a little bit.  There was a really long line to get in.  Then we went to Happy Pills, this candy shop in Barcelona that we love. For the rest of the afternoon, we went to the pool and I swam for 3 hours!  That night they have movies by the pool for the kids and we ordered dinner and watched “Up” by the pool.

Then the next day we went to the breakfast buffet again and then to the pool, where Maddie and I practiced a lift, me flipping off of her shoulders and we did it!  I got completely out of the water almost every time.  Then we showered up, went to Parc Guell, and beautiful Gaudi inspired parc and then had amazing tapas at Tapas 24. My last croquettas de jamon for a while 😦

Today we are packing up and we are heading north to the French border to a town called Banyuls- sur Mer.

Adios Barcelona!  Until next time!


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