Restaurant Review : Tribus, in Benitachell, Spain

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Yesterday we went to Tribus. Tribus moved since the last time we went there to a local beach town because the restaurant there  because it was bigger. But not only the location changed, but the menu also. Instead of the Asian Fusion food  they became a gourmet diner with burgers. None of the old items were on the menu. It was very upsetting and I was disappointed.  But then we ordered the coconut shrimp, ( chips) thick cut fries, patatas bravas ( potatoes in a slightly spicy sauce), and golden nuggets that were very tender. I hadn’t eaten in a long time so I was longing for food  and I was very surprised at how good it was. Well it is Tribus, the best cuisine in the world after all! Then for entrees  Mom, Madison and Kelly got route66 which was beef, cheese pickles barbecue sauce , bacon and lettuce. Grandma Nut ordered the coconut shrimp again. I had the teriyakizilla which was a burger with tempura shrimp, wasabi aioli on the side and teriyaki sauce. It had the perfect amount of sauce and amazing flavor. I loved it. But the best news came when the chef, Neil Browning, said he would make us chicken lettuce wraps , my absolute favorite in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! And even though it wasn’t on the menu at the new Tribus, ( it was on the old menu) he still made it!!!  My heart was filled with joy!!!The lemon grass flavor was so much more vibrant than I remembered. Then for desert we had  carrot cake, Fruit of the forrest berry cheese cake, home made lemon sorbet, and apple tempura ( another favorite of mine) that was specially made for us. Everything was amazing  I  am extremely impressed with Tribus. Yanina, Neil’s wife, who runs the front of the house is SUPER nice and she told us they even have challenges which they compared to Man V. Food, one of my favorite tv shows. They had a giant bowl of pasta with a giant meatball, a  4.4 lb burger, and seriously spicy chilly hot dogs. Tribus since its reopening in  February, have sold 900 burgers !! They are so polite and friendly there and  it is the restaurant that has my highest grade in the WORLD… A 11 OUT OF TEN!! It is a restaurant recommended for all ages, and a timeless classic. Tribus continues to surprise me. I wish Tribus were in NYC because it blows all restaurants there away.  If you are ever in Spain, you MUST go to TRIBUS.  On their website they even have a REVIEW from little ol’ me when I was only 9 years old!!! Just click on REVIEW or go to Reviews tab on their website,, and you will see a 365 Days of Gelato Blog review by, yours truly.

Trust me, you MUST go there!!!!


One thought on “Restaurant Review : Tribus, in Benitachell, Spain

  1. Morgan, I love how you wrote about the chef and your detailed description of the food. I think you are destined to have a career in “food.”

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