Guadalest and Fonts D’Algar

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¡Buenas tardes! We are leaving Altea tomorrow to go to Barcelona, but we have had so much fun while we’ve been here! While Morgan and I have been practicing our synchronized swimming routines (where are those professional nose plugs dad?!?!) we have also been going to cool places in the area. I’ll start with Guadalest.

So for those of you who have read our other blog, , we have been to Guadalest before. It is about half an hour from Altea, on a VERY windy road. I got very carsick, and so did Kelly and Grandma Nutt. But once we got there it was so beautiful. It’s an old town that looks down into a spectacular reservoir, with the bluest water I have ever seen! The town itself is not very big, just a few old buildings with shops that sell local produce and souvenirs. There is also, on the top of the hill, a castle that looks very old, but still intact. There isn’t too much to do there, but it is worth going to see 🙂

Then today we went to the Fonts D’Algar, some waterfalls very close to us. It was so beautiful there! The water is clean and comes straight from the mountains. It was very cold (about 64 degrees fahrenheit) but very refreshing! There was one waterfall that was so hard to get under because the water kept pushing me back! Mom got under though. I, who can’t stand cold water, loved it! These waterfalls look like the paradise you see in movies! I would go back there! We went to a restaurant after and got some chicken paella (which had bones in it 😦 ) but otherwise was very good. I took a LONG nap after that 🙂

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So we have another four-hour car ride in front of us… but I can’t WAIT to be in Barcelona! I love Barcelona and cannot wait to see new things there and I hope to study there next summer!

Enjoy the waterfall 🙂


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