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Hola! a few days ago we left Madrid, but while we were there we hopped on a tour bus  and drove all over the historic parts of Madrid and we got off the bus at Mercado San Miguel which was an indoor market  consisting of all FOOD!!! We got paella ,chicken curry empanadas, chicken and ham croquettes  and chicken skewers. Everything was so good!! But it was unbearably hot so we had to go back to the hotel. Then the next day we drove to Altea, Spain, a place we love and have been 4 times now, and settled in. Mom did laundry and I swam alone for an hour practicing my synchronized swimming routine from last summer.

Yesterday I read  TWO 400 page books!!! and I swam with Maddie and we practiced our routine together. It has been all about relaxing here so I’m happy.   Mom made croquettas de jamon y pollo and tortilla Spangola ( not my favorite) and these little green peppers that she sautees, but they are not spicy.  YUM!


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