Beach Day in Saint Jean de Luz

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Yesterday we went  to the beach. Me at the beach does not happen …EVER. Before we went on a stroll and Mom made chicken and baguette sandwiches and they were good. They are our typical road trip lunch.  We get a baguette and chicken and make our own sandwiches for the car. We also get chips and Mom bought these cheeseburger flavored ones but we were afraid to open them.  Also, candy is a really good thing to keep your mouth occupied on a long drive. Haribo gummy stuff is really good.   This time we got gummy sour worms and sour orangina gummies. I would advise not to eat too many if you are driving on windy roads because you could get sick and that would not be good for the other people in the car 😉

Anyway, back to the beach yesterday…  Maddie and I went on the trampolines  and  then we went  in the  ocean and I don’t go in the ocean  usually because I  was stung as a child by a jellyfish. But I went in today and I had fun  in the water with an inner tube and these little girls played with me I had fun we found some sea glass. Then for dinner we had some tapas which were baguette topped with various toppings . Maddie and OTG shared a steak it was 2.20 lbs ( with the bone in of course)! Then Mom and I shared a fish that is typical an St jean de Luz called Merlu. It came out and it had the tail and HEAD on!!!!!  We asked them to chop it off and they did. It was food with seasoning . Then we ordered some desserts Greek yogurt with honey and pannacotta with berries . Maddie had chocolate fondant OTG had tiramisu it was so good . I had a great time yesterday!

This evening we arrived in Madrid and I could not wait to order ham croquettes.  They are out favorite and we totally overdose on them when we are here.  So we went to have a walk around after being in the car for 5 hours!!!! Mom said it would only be 4 1/2 and I was not amused!  So we decided to have a bite at an outdoor place and listen to live Bolero music.  I must say it was very relaxing.  Maddie and I had croquettas de jamon and mom had a quesadilla and Grandma Nutt had scallops.  Now we are off to bed.

buenas noches 🙂 😉


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