Bastille Day to never forget

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I was so sad to leave Paris today 😦  It really is my favorite.  We did so much everyday.  Some museums, parks, visiting friends and eating our favorite things there.  There was not enough time to do all that we wanted and things were left undone…but for next time I hope 🙂

We spent Bastille Day in France for the first time ever.  It was really interesting to see how the Parisians celebrate this. There is a grand parade in the morning along the Champs Elysee.  A VERY military parade.  It was advised that we may just want to watch it on TV because of the crowds and we decided to just watch it on TV which we say way more than we would have being there in person.  The coolest thing was the planes that flew down the Champs Elysee with red, white and blue smoke trailing behind.  We were able to catch a glimpse of it from out apartment window.  Good enough for me…then we went off to visit with our friends. We spent the day with our 2 favourite Parisians, Sonia and Sylvine.  They each took us to 2 different parks in Paris to do what everyone else was doing.  It was like 4th of July in the US.  Everyone was out with their friends and families in the parks and celebrating with picnics and just enjoying the time with each other.  We met Sonia at Parc Floral and Chateau de Vincennes.  It is a gorgeous park that reminded me of Central Park in a way, because you feel completely out of Paris when you are there and just in nature, surrounded by trees and gardens and no sight of the city to be found  It is all the way on the outskirts of Paris and when we were not sure how to get to Jardin du Luxembourg from Parc Floral, Sonia rode the Metro with us all the way to make sure we made it to meet Sylvine  It was totally not in the direction she was going, but she went with us anyway.

( PS we rode the Metro every day..which is very unusual for Morgan and I in NYC. We spend most of our travel time in the car)

We finally met up with Sylvine at Jardin du LuxembourgI and visited with her and took photos and sat and had drinks at an outdoor cafe which is what everyone seemed to be doing.  I really felt like we had an authentic experience with 2 very special people. We have known them each for many years.  Sonia, from Miki House and Sylvine from Maison Ivre.  It was so good to spend time with them outside of the norm.

I will say that their fireworks spectacle later that evening was the best I have ever seen!  Sorry NYC!  It went on for an hour around the Eiffel Tower.  The music ranged from the Beatles to many American rock artists.  They even had a recording of Martin Luther King Jr’s “ I Have a Dream” speech and images of the Statue of Liberty mixed in with the music.  It was a very moving show in the great spirit of FREEDOM 🙂  I was so happy to experience this in Paris.

Many more things, but overall, we had a fabulous time and have more memories to share.  As a family, it may be our favorite place which made me a little sad…but our summer adventure continues..

So, we did pack up a rental car and headed for Saint Jean de Luz today.  Right near the Spanish border on the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a long 7 ½ hour drive…I am exhausted, but am in heaven.  It is gorgeous here.  We only arrived at 6:00 pm, but I fell in love immediately.  We have never been, so more to report.  The girls were so tired, that I just got them chicken nuggets and French fries for dinner on the beach 🙂  That is all they wanted.  Then my mom and I had a chance to watch the sun set and have a drink and a bite on the terrace of the hotel overlooking the ocean…sans kids…again…I was in Heaven 🙂

Tomorrow is an R & R day to explore this area and go to the beach which is so calm and quiet and the sand looks so nice.  Will let you know more later, but we are safely now in Saint Jean de Luz 🙂

Bon Nuit!

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2 thoughts on “Bastille Day to never forget

  1. Living vicariously through you. Love these updates from you and your precious girls. Sending you nothing but love from Austin, TX. Where we actually needed a sweater outside tonight! Crazy!

    • Sweater in Austin in July?? I think NYC is in the upper 90’s! Have a good one and enjoy. We may be down at Christmas. Love you!

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