Tour Eiffel: Worth the 2 Hour Wait!

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It was probably more than two hours, because it took two hours just to buy the tickets. We had to wait to get on one elevator, and once we got to the second tier we had to wait another half hour for another elevator to take us to the top. But the views from the tower were unbelievable! You could see the entire city, and far beyond that. It is slightly shorter than the Empire State Building, but it seemed taller up there because there are almost no skyscrapers in Paris. It really was worth the wait!

I went with Grandma Nutt, but not with Morgan or Mom because Morgan really didn’t want to go. Also they had to run some errands while we waited in line. So just the two of us went up. The elevators were not shaky at all which was good. And sometimes I do get a little claustrophobic, but I wasn’t in the elevator at all! I would do the Eiffel tower again. Not in really hot weather though. We had it lucky because the weather was nice and not too sunny. We were in the shade most of the time. There was a friendly couple from England behind us in line, and we talked with them during the wait. I really enjoyed the tower!

It was interesting because we have been to Paris almost every year yet we have never been up the Eiffel Tower. This was my first time! We would always look at the line and get discouraged. But now I can say that I have been and I can check that off the list 😉

Today was our last day in Paris. Tomorrow we are going to Saint Jean de Luz on the west coast of France. We have never been to the West Coast, so this should be exciting!


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