2 Hours For Tickets? How About… No! 7/ 15

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Hi everyone! Today we were supposed to go to the Eiffel tower… but the wait was 2 hours just for the ticket! Mom and I left while  Grandma Nutt stayed and waited with Maddie in line!  Mom and I walked all the way from the Eiffel tower to   Galleries Lafayette to go get mom a bathing suit  since she forgot to pack one. Then we snuck off to get egg rolls at Sichuan Panda ( my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Europe ) and while we were there we got ginger chicken, and soup dumplings also! Sichuan Panda redeemed itself! from our last visit if you recall it was not so hot, but I am glad I went back and gave it another chance.  Second chances are important( hint, hint)

, because people could be having “off” days and you may catch them on the wrong day.  The chicken was not fatty at all and the soup dumplings were amazing!  Maddie and Grandma Nutt returned from the tower and said it was worth the wait! I would not wait that long for anything ( Except Hunger Games Catching Fire midnight premiere !

And yes, can you believe I have ridden the Metro here every day??


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