Lô sushi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/14

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Today we  had an amazing day ! We got to sleep in and then I went on a walk with coco and it was really fun. Then we went to the store, La Maison Ivre, where we always get table cloths and talked for an hour with the shop owner, Sylvine,. Then we went to Marriage Fréres, our favorite tea salon and wow! it was so good! It is like a candy store for tea lovers like us! It smelled like heaven! we had so much fun! We got a Butterscotch tea, a rough bourbon, for Kelly 😉  and Wedding Imperial, which is chocolate and caramel flavored.  There are some shops in NYC that have this tea, like Dean and Deluca, but they don’t have them all Then we went to Mikihouse to visit our friend Sonia who has worked there since Maddie was one.  I was really sad because I am at the last of their sizes 😦  because this will be the last year that I can wear Miki House clothes, and they have been my favorite special girly clothes since I was a baby. it was nice. We are going to meet up with Sonia in the park tomorrow which is BASTILLE DAY!!!

After,  we went to Lô SUSHI and wow! amazing I had a california roll, a shrimp tempura roll, 2 miso soups,  a spicy tuna  roll and  waffle stuffed with vanilla bean we also had  seared tuna and  chicken yakitori and fruit salad it was so much fun! I live for Lo Sushi.  I think about it all year because it is such a cool restaurant.

We also have been getting fresh baguettes every day from this patisserie on the corner where the apartment is for only 1 euro!!!! What a deal!  And they are hot when we get them.  The guy is in the window baking them all day.  They are delish 🙂

Did you know that Paris is the fourth biggest shopping capital in the world? Bye have a nice day!

best tea salon ever Mariage Freres IMG_0935 seared tuna at Lo Sushi after a long hard day of walking and shopping Louvre Champs Elysee ready for Bastille Day taking a stroll with Coco IMG_0903 Coco wanted to see the Moulin Rouge


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