Vaux le Vicomte et Fontainebleau

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Hi! Yesterday we went on a tour of châteaus in France. The first one, called Vaux le Vicomte was about an hour from Paris. Mom had been there before with Dad when he worked for a French bank, and they had a conference there. We walked around in the castle and learned about how it was built and about the people who lived in it. It was a summer home for the finance minister during the time of King Louis XIV by Nicolas Fouquet, his home and the gardens (so pretty!) were built by André le Nôtre, a famous French garden designer. There were so many rooms, for the pope, for the king and queen, and for the many servants who lived there. It was so lavish inside, with fancy beds and walls; even the hundreds of chairs inside the rooms were expensive-looking! The gardens were just breathtaking. So bog and really detailed! Also, there is a creek called “The Skillet” because of its shape. It seemed like it went on forever! It was really pretty to see, but I think that these people did not need to live so opulently. Louis XIV was so jealous of Nicholas Fouquet, that he had him imprisoned for life and had the same architects that built Vaux le Vicomte, build Versailles, but he wanted it bigger and better.  WHen you see the two, you can tell the similarities between both, and knowing what Louis XIV did, just to  be “better” than Fouquet, very arrogant and selfish. Honestly all of the things they have in these palaces and châteaus seem to be a little overboard.  Who needs all of it?

The French revolution was completely understandable.

Next we went to Fontainebleau, which is also an hour or two away from Paris. We have been there before, on another summer vacation, to stop overnight before we went to Paris. We had a LOT of trouble finding something to eat. I was very picky, and I couldn’t find anything I liked. Morgan got a little annoyed with me :/

So we went into the château, and we saw the throne room, the only one open to the public in France. We saw the rooms of the kings (yes, multiple rooms for one king) and queens. Marie Antoinette never made it to Fontainebleau because she was executed before she ever went. The rooms were also decorated with fancy wallpaper and tapestries. It was huge! I can’t imagine how much money went into these châteaus.  I understand why the French were angry!

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, the day the French stormed the Bastille and started the revolution. I’ll post about it then!


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