oui, oui I love Paris!

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Hi! Today we are in Paris and we have just finished up a long day . We went to the  Musee d’Orsay museum. I was so BORED!!!  I’m not the “Artsy” type and I don’t like looking at paintings of people stabbing one another or not wearing  any clothes. But then we had lunch at Angelina’s, our favorite dessert place in Paris. They have the most decadent hot chocolate I have ever had.  I had a citron tart also, but we had lunch there first  and I ordered  curry sea bass which I give a 9 out of ten! Amazing. Then we went to the Tuilleries and Mom and I got lost in a fun house. Every July and August when we have been here, they have a huge fair in the main park, Tuilleries.  We love going on all of the rides.  Then I went on the trampolines I had so much fun! Yesterday we went to the Tuilleries and Maddie came on the trampolines with me! We went to Sichuan Panda, my absolute favorite Chinese restaurant ever!  It is in Galleries Lafayette and the food was actually not good like they normally are which was terribly disappointing.  We also went to Galleries Lafayette  and got a few things for back to school.  They are having huge sales right now in Paris, up to 60% off.

Today we went on the metro and it was gross. Not as bad as New york’s though. I much prefer in Paris though ,New york’s is so nasty!

Overall, Paris has been fun.


One thought on “oui, oui I love Paris!

  1. Morgan I love reading your blogs about food. They make me hungry or not hungry (if you say the food was a huge disappointment, I’m no longer so hungry for it).

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