Ahhhh, Paris :)

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Hi! So we have been relaxing in Paris after so much travel in the past few days! Actually, when I’ve been standing up or walking I feel like I’m swaying, like I’m on a boat. I wonder if that’s from all the traveling or sleep schedules or something else. Hmmm….

So I’ll go back to yesterday. Morgan and I woke up late– as usual– and we headed off to Galleries Lafayette. We did a little shopping, but mostly looked at the pretty displays. We also went to Sichuan Panda, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Europe (maybe even our favorite overall!). The food wasn’t as great as it normally is though, which made us a little sad. But our favorite dish there– the egg rolls– were amazing! You eat them wrapped in lettuce and mint leaves. Mmmm mmmm mmm yummy! We got chicken curry, ginger chicken, dumplings, Beijing spicy soup (which we normally love, but it tasted different this time) and the egg rolls. We were stuffed after that! We walked down towards the city center, by the river.

Mikihouse is a clothing store we have been going to since I was one year old! It’s a Japanese brand, but mom liked to buy us matching clothes from there when we were little. Nothing fits me anymore, but we like to go in and say hi to the lady, Sonia, who has been working there since we first went in. So we went in, but she wasn’t there, so we will go back another day.

We also went to the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, which opened 2 years ago. It was the first time we went, so we went to have tea. It was so pretty! Morgan ordered dim sum and tea, and I ordered tea and a dessert (of course chocolate). Grandma Nutt got the normal ice tea that she has been wanting the entire trip 🙂 After we walked towards the park we always go to.

The Tuilleries is a park in Paris that is along the Seine. During the summer they have a festival going on, where we go to our favorite attractions: the trampolines, the carousel, and a few other rides. Morgan and I, when we were younger, would jump for an hour or two on the trampolines while Mom watched in the cafe. Yesterday we just went for a few minutes, but it was still pretty fun! We have also been going to the carousel since I was one. The man who runs it, Toufique, has always been there. We went by and said hi, and Morgan rode it a few times. I was still dizzy so I opted not to go.

We went home after the Tuilleries, stuffed from before and tired. I hurt my back jumping on trampolines :/

We had a fun day though. Tomorrow we are waking up early ( 😥 ) and going on a castle tour in Fontainebleau. I’ll write all about it soon!


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