See Ya Amsterdam, Hello Paris!!!

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Buon soir! We’re in Paris now, after a 2 ½ hour train ride. We left Amsterdam this morning; not too sad, since Amsterdam isn’t my favorite place we’ve been to. It was nice though.

We started off our day by wandering through the shopping streets. Morgan had to get some new shoes because she didn’t bring her sneakers :/ . We went into tourist shops and got some Amsterdam clothing. I got an I ❤ Amsterdam sweater 😉

Then we went to the floating flower markets, which weren’t really floating; they were just on the side of the canals. It wasn’t anything too fancy or special, but it was really cool to see. There were tulip bulbs everywhere you looked! Lots of colors and different flower types, but unfortunately we couldn’t take many back to the US. Only a few types of tulips were able to be brought back to the US. So we got some for Gram, who has an amazing garden.

We then went to a Chinese restaurant, which Morgan really wanted to do. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t awful. We were stuffed after that though!

Then we walked through the Red Light District. Oh, how fun. 😉 Morgan was a little freaked out (and Grandma Nutt was too; she did NOT want to go down that area) but we got to see it during the day. Not too many prostitutes were in the windows at that time. We went later at night and there were red lights everywhere and lots of people in windows. And it smelled like pot everywhere we went. In the “coffeeshops” they sell marijuana everything: ice cream, chocolate, cigarettes, you name it.

We were so tired, so we went to the hotel and took a long nap. Well, I did anyway, I’m not sure about everyone else. It was hard for me to wake up after that.

Mom eventually got me up and we went to the Anne Frank house. It was very sad, seeing everything that she and her family had to go through. We walked through the rooms they stayed in, and the moveable bookcase that opened into the secret rooms. I haven’t read the book yet, but I will soon.

For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant. It was really good! I forget the name, but it was close to our hotel. We ate dinner at 11:00. Another really late night!

There was a bakery we went to, where I got another waffle (loaded with whipped cream and strawberries) and Grandma Nutt and Morgan got some desserts too. By the time we got back I was so stuffed and exhausted. I fell asleep right away!

This morning we were supposed to do some more sight seeing, but we didn’t get to because some of us slept in (you can probably guess who). We rushed to get on our train to Paris, and we made it! Tomorrow we are going to go to Galleries Lafayette and to the Tuilleries, our favorite park in Paris. They have a summer fair going on and there are trampolines there that we love! Paris is possibly my favorite city in Europe. Ahhhhhh, I wish I could live here!


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