Amsterdam smells like skunks!!!

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Hola, yesterday we had our full day in Amsterdam. This was my day to plan. Some things went okay, while somethings went horribly wrong.  One of my main things that I planned, going to Madame Tussaud’s, was canceled twice! I also wanted to go bike riding, but since Amsterdam is such a busy, crowded and dangerous and scary city, it was not safe enough for us to bike in the city.

We started our day by going to buy me some sneakers since mMom forgot to pack my sneakers! They are pink and they have memory foam plus,  which makes them nice to walk in, like a temperpedic mattress 🙂 Then we strolled around and walked into souvenier shops and we also found a Marks and Spencer which is a UK chain.  They had our favorite Percy the Pig candies there.

Next we went to the floating flower market.  It was so pretty with all of the flowers everywhere.  There were tulip bulbs all over the place.  I wanted to take some home for Gram and the shipping was really expensive, because you are not allowed to take agricultural things on the plane. However, they did have these bulbs that were grown in special conditions that were certified for the US and Canada and I picked some of those for her. And then we picked some loose bulbs for our friend Alessandra in Italy, and we will take them to her in a few weeks.  We picked them out bulb by bulb.  We need to make sure to tell her they have to be planted in October.

We found a Christmas shop, only 168 days until Christmas, counting the days down on my fingers. In there it smelled like Christmas and we got an ornament to remind us of Amsterdam.

After that we stopped in Lush, this super special soap store, and we got a yummy smelling soap called , Honey I washed the kids. It smells like a honey toffee.

After that we tried hopelessly to get on a canal bus, but to no avail. So we dragged our weary bodies to an ASIAN restaurant!!!!  In there, Mom  and Grandma Nutt split a Romano spicy salad dish and Maddie and I shared chicken curry and sweet and sour chicken, but the meat was still pink 😦 Then we had this Lipton Iced tea which was weird because it was fizzy and we also had a lemon pounder which squished the lemon in the glass of tea.

Then we took a walk through the Red Light District ( shutter, shutter). Ladies were outside even in the daytime standing in their windows.  The smell of marijuana was all over Amsterdam, yuk!  It smelled like a dead skunk left out in the sun, all over Amsterdam! YUK!

Then we finally got on a canal tour in a small boat and it was really nice to sit back and relax for 75 minutes. The captain gave us a lot of history about the city and Grandma Nutt asked him way too many questions. Did you know the river that Amsterdam is on is called the Amstel which is the name of a beer made here.

Then we went back to the hotel to take a rest for a while and then got up at 8:30 to go to the Anne Frank House to try and get tickets.  WHich we were able to.  We made it just in time to see the whole museum.  It is the actual house where she lived with her family and hid. I did not like being there because it made me sad.

So then we found an Italian restaurant and ate dinner at 11:00pm and then we took one last stroll through the red light district. Interesting…

Thank goodness we are off to Paris now. Overall, Amsterdam is not a city I would like to return to.


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