Nothing but chocolate in my sight :)

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Bon jour madames et monseurs! Did you know that 80% of people in Brussels speak French and the other 20% speak Flemmish?  But most everyone we met spoke English. Whew! Guess what I had for breakfast today?  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!  Now I have finally learned, me not being a chocoholic myself, one can have WAY too much chocolate!!! I had 20 pieces of chocolate today!

Here’s what I had:

champagne truffle, milk chocolate square,2  chocolate covered orange peel, 2 pralines, sweet chili chocolate, 2 chocolate hazelnut bomb, 2 chocolate covered with gingerbread, passion fruit truffle, Earl Grey chocolate ( my favorite), bergamot chocolate, Christmas spice chocolate, 92% dark chocolate, vanilla caramel chocolate and 2 mango passion fruits. Why did I have so many do you ask?  Because mom was giving me her samples.

For lunch today after the chocolate tour we settled down in a cute place for lunch to have some food to wash down the sugary aftertastes. Grandma Nutt and Maddie had filet mingnon with salads and frites, which are very popular in Brussels.  Maddie had a peppercorn sauce and I give her meal a 7.5 out of 10.  Grandma Nutt had a mushroom sauce which I rated 8.5 out of 10.  Mom had a typical Brussels dish, cod filet with sea salt with mashed potatoes with leeks inside which is a well know dish in Brussels.  I give her meal a 9! Then I had pan fried scallops with shallots and leeks, also typical dish in Brussels. It also came with a light cream sauce. I give my meal a 9.5. Amazing!!

I sit here on the train to Amsterdam riding backwards, my stomach churning from my delicious lunch and all of that sugar and chocolate from breakfast. I want to hurl all over my tray table.  bleeuargh!!! WIsh me luck that my lunch won’t end up on the person in front of me.

No but seriously it was all good.

Since Maddie planned this chocolate filled day, I get to plan tomorrow in Amsterdam. Get ready for canal tours and bike riding! For my travel destinations, I give Brussels an 8.5 out of 10.

OMG it is taking way to long to upload pics on the train, so I will post them later when we have faster service.

Oh PS, there was something really cool in the train station.  We charged Maddie’s cell phone by riding a bicycle.


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