In Brussels, but no Brussel Sprouts for me!

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Hi everyone, this is Morgan. And right now in Brussels it is 2:18 in the morning and I am wide awake with some bad jet lag.  Last night after an exhausting plane ride since I can’t ever sleep on a plane, we arrived in Paris at 10 in the morning. And we had to drag our worn out bodies onto a train to Brussels, Belgium.  The train was a minor amount of time considering how long the plane ride was. Only 1 hour 20 minutes to Brussels. Madison practically set 1 foot in our hotel room and passed out on the floor. Now I am wide awake and looking forward to our special chocolate tour at 9 am. I just wonder if I can go back asleep before morning comes.

PS Coco was a flawless angel on the plane and train.  She is sleeping right now next to me 🙂

While Maddie is planning our day in Brussels tomorrow, chocolate of course, I am planning a lovely day in Amsterdam, that does not include going into the Red Light District ( ahem, ahem , no marijuana or prostitutes) but instead bike riding and a canal tour.

I will put a bio up soon. Arrivederci!!



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