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Hi everyone! We arrived in Paris yesterday, and I was so tired because I didn’t sleep on the plane. I probably should have, but why sleep when you can watch movies and play games? 😉

So, after we landed, we got on a train to Brussels. Of course I fell asleep on the train. It was only an hour though.

Then we got to our hotel. Didn’t take me long to pass out. So I slept from four until seven this morning. 15 hours of sleep is pretty good, I must say, after sleeping for 5-7 hours a night during the school year. That is what summer is made for.

So today, we are going on a chocolate tour! A CHOCOLATE TOUR! I love love love LOVE chocolate! My dad and I both are chocoholics. So is his dad. I guess it runs in the family.

It’s a four hour walking tour. Not only do we get to go into various chocolate stores, but we get to see historic places in Brussels. And to top it off, we are going to make chocolate! Ahhhhhhh I’m so excited!

Later today we will be leaving Brussels and getting on a train to Amsterdam. I’ll post later about the tour.

If anyone out there is willing to take Morgan for the summer, I will put her on a plane today. She is already driving me nuts.


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