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Hallo! We just came back from our chocolate tour and it was amazing! We went to multiple chocolatiers including Godiva (NOT pronounced god-eye-vuh but god-ee-vuh [like diva]), Chocopolis, Elisabeth, Laurent Gerbaud and Pierre Marcolini. Mmmmmmm! We tried all kinds- from champagne filled truffles to 92% dark chocolates. We also tried sugar-free chocolates, from Laurent Gerbaud. Speculoos (similar to gingerbread) covered truffles and hazelnut bombs and chocolate covered orange peels, all sugar-free! They were very good too 🙂

While visiting these amazing chocolatiers (which, by the way, there is a chocolatier on nearly every corner of Brussels), we got to see some amazing sights of the city. We saw the capital building of the EU, we saw the Justice building, and a finance building of some sort. We also went into the oldest church in Brussels, which was built-in the 1200s I believe. We also saw a piece of the original wall surrounding Brussels- I think from the 900s.

And my favorite part of the tour… chocolate making! We got to dip bananas, marzipan, and speculoos. Then we got to create our own dark chocolates (65%), and top them with anything. Most of mine were topped with coconut, almond or caramel. They also gave us peppercorn, which I thought was interesting. We watched a master chocolatier make pralines, and she explained how to get them just right. It was a magical moment for me.

Not too much walking, not too hot, and we get to eat along the way. I think thats a pretty good tour 😉

After the tour, we got lunch at a typical Belgian restaurant. I ordered steak frites– so did Grandma Nutt– Morgan ordered scallops, and Mom ordered cod and potatoes. The Belgians are known for their steak frites, so of course we had to try some. That and the chocolate, even though it was delicious, was a little too much. We were stuffed! So we went to the hotel and took a nap 😛  And that was our trip to Brussels!

Oh also we got Belgian waffles at Haagen Dazs. Yum!

So right now I’m in Amsterdam… Coco is behaving so well (as usual). We are planning to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner 😀

I would like to say one more thing before I go.


I am now officially a chocolate maker!

I am now officially a chocolate maker!


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  1. Maddie, with this attitude “Not too much walking, not too hot, and we get to eat along the way. I think thats a pretty good tour” I will gladly travel anywhere with you. XO

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