We’re Back!!!!

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dscn1386.jpgCOMING SOON!!!

After a nearly 2 year hiatus, the 365daysofgelato gals are blogging again. We are beginning with, quite possibly, our last big summer European road trip all together.  That darn Madison is a sophomore  in high school and is going to have to start to do internships and summer programs to get her ready for college.  So we plan to make this as adventurous as any other.

We only decided this last week, so the layout will be a work in progress, but that what we are anyway, a work in progress.

We left NYC last night, July 5th, arrived in Paris today and took a train to Brussels, Belgium.  A place we have never been 🙂

The girls are taking an active role in the itinerary this time, so we really don’t know what or where we are going 100%.  We are planning as we go.

Madison was in charge of Brussels, so I do know that we are taking a chocolate tour and chocolate making class tomorrow morning 🙂  Leave it to Madison to plan anything chocolate.

For now it is 6:24 pm, and everyone is sleeping.  Have to get over the 1st day of jet lag, but we will be ready to go in the morning.

We never thought we would be blogging again, but here we are and the girls are excited, especially since they have lots of control and say in the planning of this adventure! We would like to invite you to come along for the ride too!


2 thoughts on “We’re Back!!!!

  1. Sounds exciting; I look forward to reading & following your adventures!
    Tony and I did Brussels, Bruges & Amsterdam by train many years ago – great trip filled w/ art, food and beautiful landscapes (be sure to see Ann frank house if you are it to Amsterdam). Love,

    • I really wanted to do Bruges too. It looks so pretty. Not enough time this go around. But I loved the taste of Brussels and Amsterdam. I definitely want to go back. Not sure the girls would go back to Amsterdam though 😉

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